PR & Brand Marketing


Press Releases are an important step in marketing as well as "Branding" your Driver or Race Team. 

They can be hard to start, intimidating to finish and a skill-set you may not have mastered...YET.  But we are going to walk you through the process - Step-by-Step. Watch for our "How To" posts on the subject complete with templates that you can download and use on your own computer.

Team Management

There is a lot more to racing than just showing up at the track.  I'm sure your Crew Chief has already figured that one out.  Yes, beyond the new tools and kart parts all over the garage, there is:

  • Scheduling/Planning
  • Logistics/Travel
  • Budgeting/Purchasing
  • Record Keeping
  • Marketing & PR

Oh, and did I mention: Track Snacks? Yep Pitmom - you're probably in charge of that too - after all a typical race day is anywhere from 4 to 6 hours long.

If you want to be a successful Race Team, and lay the foundation for a future Motorsports Career for your Driver, this is what you are signing up for.


Social Media Planning


Your first reaction may be to shy away from the idea of "Blogging" - however, that is what a "Facebook Post" or "Tweet" is - a short blog, but a blog none-the-less.  A YouTube video is considered "Video Blogging" by most...


....and there is just no way around it..... 


You are going to need to start Blogging whether you like it or not!